Publié le 31/10/2019


As the world stage is marked by renewed great power competition, Europe lacks proper means to assert and defend its own independent political view. Despite this backdrop, the authors of this report contend that the current stalemate can be overcome with a collective and inclusive approach.

Among the challenges - current and forthcoming - the multiplying number of external crises combined with the emergence of actors capable and willing to harness the gray areas of the international institutions, are among the most destabilizing factors. Tackling these issues requires a comprehensive approach that Europe still struggles to find out. Despite significant political efforts Europe still faces internal divergent political interests.

Betting on the development of new institutions it must also now tackle its capability shortfalls. For the completion of these objectives, the authors, German, Polish and French, make recommendations addressed to the European’s leaders.


Available online : Europe’s architecture of security in the current strategic environment: Taking the path toward "strategic autonomy" [1].