Lundi 04 Mai 2020
de 18:00 à 19:30
Débats Interventions à l'extérieur
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The coronavirus crisis is currently hitting all European countries hard, but its effects will vary. The sole action of individual states to find their own solutions seems to contradict the founding idea of European solidarity. There are different approaches in the search for a common solution: Some countries called for joint bonds in the form of so-called “corona bonds” — while other countries wanted to prevent joint liability at all costs. The EU finance ministers have now jointly agreed on an aid package of 500 billion euros.

The following questions will be addressed in LiveChat: Will the aid package be enough to tackle the economic crisis collectively? What are the advantages or disadvantages of this solution — and how does it differ from the controversial “corona bonds” approach? What are the dangers of the lack of cohesion in the international community, which has become apparent during the crisis? What is meant by the proposed “Recovery Fund”?


PLEASE NOTE: This seminar will be held in German via Zoom.

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Joint event of the Institut français of Germany and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung