Publié le 05/05/2020


Economic recovery measures taken by several governments in the world so far are not aligned with the Paris Agreement. Yet some governments took important steps in the right direction but they are often insufficient. Two cases stand out : South Korea and the EU. But delivering on the ambitions and commitments will be key.

While the jury is still out and amidst a strengthening case for green recovery strategies, a number of governments fail to seize the historical opportunity to put their countries and the world on a different, more sustainable track and to build on competitive and available low carbon solutions. They pave the ground for the next crises while failing to create thousand of jobs, to foster the resiliency of their economies and improving the well being of all.
This short brief provides an overview and assessment of policy measures taken in several G7, EU, G20 and regional economies and their climate impacts, two months after the start of the global lockdowns. Preliminary findings highlight a worrisome picture of where we stand.


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