Publié le 08/06/2020

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the countries of the European Union (EU) hard.

Analyzing its initial effects on major global equilibria, Josep Borrell, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, presents six significant political options for strengthening the EU’s resilience and equipping it with genuine strategic autonomy. Meanwhile, Thomas Gomart observes that the crisis has truly turned representations on their head: just yesterday, the West was attempting to export its universal values; today, it is welcoming techno-political ideas from Asia. In any case, it is time for Europe to make a choice between the American and Chinese behemoths.

The theatrics of the Chinese–American rivalry, beyond the two superpowers’ diverging interests, owes a lot to the US presidential campaign. This marks an opportunity to take stock: Is Trump an error of history, or does he reflect, through his style, the reality of America? Are his actions and his economic and diplomatic decisions erratic, or do they follow the logic of his electoral promises? To what extent do they represent a break with the choices made by previous administrations? In short, does Trumpism exist beyond the effects of communication? And would the return of a Democratic administration shake up the country’s foreign policy?

Meanwhile, the global agenda continues, with its ever-present deadlines: post-Brexit negotiations, the reform of the Franc Zone in Africa, Japan’s complex nuclear decommissioning—the list goes on.



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By Norbert Gaillard