Publié le 08/02/2021

Laurence NARDON

Some twenty international personalities from different horizons and backgrounds were asked to reflect on the impact of the Biden presidency for the future of European strategic autonomy.

The four years that separate the inauguration of Donald Trump from that of Joe Biden have helped to accelerate the debate about the European Union’s dependence on the United States and the profound meaning of strategic autonomy.

As part of their publications on European Strategic Autonomy, the Groupe d’études géopolitiques asked contributors to position themselves on a scale from 0 to 5 by answering two questions:

Question 1: Does Biden’s election pose a risk for European strategic autonomy?

Question 2: Do you think that the question should be framed in those terms?

Contributors’ marks are represented in a graph. In order to allow them to elaborate on their choices, the Groupe d’études géopolitiques also asked each author to review the fundamental issues that will shape the transatlantic relationship in the short / medium term.

Full article available on the Groupe d’études géopolitiques [1]