Vendredi 21 Mai 2021
de 10:00 à 12:00
Débats Visioconférences

Introduction :

Michael Starbæk Christensen, Denmark's Ambassador to France 

Participants :

  • Christian Grønbech-Jensen, Director of Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
  • Philippe Bertoux, Head of Directorate for Strategic Affairs, Security and Disarmament, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France
  • Peter Viggo Jakobsen, Associate Professor, Institute for Strategy, Royal Danish Defence College
  • Alice Pannier, Research Fellow at IFRI’s Security Studies Center, Head of IFRI's Geopolitics of Technology Program


Thomas Gomart, Director of IFRI 


This webinar will be held in English on Zoom. Please click on the pencil icon to register.