Research Fellow, Russia / Eurasia Center 

Research Interests:

  • Russian strategic thought

  • Russian armed forces

  • Russian political-strategic culture

  • Threat perceptions

  • Russian political-military elites


Dimitri Minic is a Research Fellow at Ifri’s Russia / Eurasia Center. He holds a Ph.D. in History of International Relations from the Sorbonne University (2021) and obtained funding for his thesis from the Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) and the Institute for Strategic Research at the Military School (IRSEM) of the French Ministry of Armed Forces. He also was a consultant for the DGRIS where he produced reports on energy issues in Eurasia and North America.

His PhD thesis is named “Avoiding Armed Struggle: Russian Strategic Thought in the Face of the Evolution of War, 1993-2016”. His research deals with Russian strategic thought, the Russian army and the Russian hybrid and high intensity capacities. He also works on issues of the Russian military-political elites’ strategic culture and threats’ perception.

Domaines d'expertise
Russie / Eurasie
Economie et société russes
Défense et politique étrangère russe