Publié le 13/09/2022
Chars russes détruits, Hostomil, Ukraine - 2 avril 2022

Dimitri MINIC, quoted by Ben Hall and Polina Ivanova in Financial Times

Following the last Ukrainian victories over the Russian Army in the Kharkiv oblast, Russian administration currently faces controversies. As a matter of fact, many question the degree of intensity Russian general staff has decided, avoiding for now general mobilization. According to Dimitri Minic, researcher attached to the Russia / NIS center at the French Institutes of International Relations and expert in russian armed forces, the current russian army not only lacks men but also modern equipment. 

  • “Russia lost the best parts of its army during the first weeks, and the remaining best parts are overexploited and exhausted,” said Dimitri Minic, an expert on the Russian military at the French Institute of International Relations, a think-tank.

The problems do not end there, he said.

  • “Things are going equally badly in terms of military material: Russia has already lost too much of advanced military hardware and, contrary to the Ukrainian army, is condemned to increasingly use old and low-performance equipment of which it has vast quantities.”


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