Publié le 12/09/2022
The Capitol, home of the U.S. Congress, Washington, D.C.

Laurence NARDON

The Biden Administration has succeeded this summer in passing several important pieces of legislation. In addition to progressive societal measures that break with the Supreme Court's rulings, the Administration has focused on the economy and the environment: the CHIPS Act and the Inflation Reduction Act promote the relocation of semiconductor and electric vehicle battery plants.

Biden's record is therefore positive for the middle classes, especially since inflation seemed to fall this summer. The electoral outlook is improving for the Democrats, who could retain the Senate in November.

However, President Trump's hold on the Republican Party remains overwhelming. His numerous and often serious legal troubles do not seem to be having an impact on his electoral base.

His official endorsement of nearly 200 candidates in the Republican primaries has been effective. The possible election of these Trumpists next November raises concerns about the course of the 2024 presidential elections.





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