Publié le 12/09/2005


Over the past six years, a subdivided though very centralised mecanism for Russian-German cooperation has been forming. This mecanism has enabled many issues within bilateral relations to be resolved, but at the same time contributed to growing alienation between officiel attitudes and the mood in civil society in both countries. The 'Schröder-Poutin era' in Russian-German relations is coming to end, and it stands to reason that the new government will make changes. However, these are likely to affect the style, and not the substance of relations with Russia.

Double issue in partnership with the CERFA

Hannes Adomeit, 'Germany's Policy on Russia: End of the Honeymoon?' (original title in German: 'Deutsche Russlandpolitik: Ende des 'Schmusekurses'?'), Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 6(b), September 2005