Mercredi 03 Novembre 2010
de 17:00 à 18:30
Débats Conférences
Ifri Paris


Tony Chafer
University of Portsmouth
Gordon Cumming
Cardiff University

François Gaulme
Chargé de mission à l'Agence Française de Développement

What type of "cooperation" can France and the UK build on the African continent? How can they face the news challenges, such as terrorism, climate change, the rise of China on the continent?
At the December 1998 Saint-Malo summit, Britain and France promised to set aside past rivalries and work together on African issues. While brief indications were given as to possible areas of bilateral and ‘bi-multi' cooperation, the terms and scope of this partnership were not spelt out. The conference will discuss the achievements and limits of the partnership, especially in three areas: diplomacy, security issues and development.

This conference is based on a reasearch discussed at Chatham House in June.

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