Publié le 03/03/2015

FOCUS European Defense Revisited

Finally Something New in European Defense [1] by Vivien Pertusot

Could Differentiated Integration Unblock the CSDP? [2] by Ronja Kempin and Ronja Scheler

“Minilateralism”: A New Form of Defense Cooperation [3] by Alice Pannier

Sharing Military Capabilities: Dead-End or Future of Defense? [4] by Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen and Sten Rynning


COUNTERPOINT The United Kingdom and the EU: in or out?

Europe’s English Patient [5] by Alain Lamassoure (read the article in French [6])

Would Europe, Freed from the Perfidious Albion, Lose its Way? [7] by Philippe Moreau Defarges



Afghanistan’s Difficult Transition [8] by Jean-Luc Racine

Tunisia’s Armed Forces and Democratic Transition [9] by Mourad Chabbi



Australia: A New Strategy for a Medium-Size Power [10] by Tanguy Struye de Swielande, Bruno Hellendorff and Alexia Honoré

The United States - South Korea Military Alliance in Question [11] by Rémy Hémez

Volcanic Activity and Nuclear Security in Japan [12] by Jean-François Heimburger



Crimea: The Contradictions of Russia’s Line [13] by Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer (read the article in French [14])

The Western Balkans and the Failure of European Enlargement [15] by Jean-Arnault Dérens



World Order by Henry Kissinger, review by Tristan Aureau

You can read in French the Editorial of Politique étrangère, vol. 80, n° 1, printemps 2015 [16]

You can read in French the Book reviews of Politique étrangère, vol. 80, n° 1, printemps 2015 [17]