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Des émergents au défi du "retour de la géopolitique": Regards croisés économiques et géopolitiques
OCP Policy Center - Ryad Business Center – Mahaj Erryad - Rabat, Maroc

The Chinese Gas Strategy: Challenges and Policy Responses
Salle de conférence, Ifri, 27 rue de la Procession 75015 Paris (métro Volontaires ou Pasteur)

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09:15 at 16:00

Restricted Seminar

The Internet in Russia and China


co-organized by the Russia/NIS Center and the Center for Asian Studies,

The Internet in China and Russia is thriving, and a "digital culture" has emerged within their respective populations. Both countries' "netizens" are growingly airing their grievances on the Internet. Likewise, China and Russia have seen the emergence of successful homegrown Internet players, whose increasing confidence has incited both governments to create their own national digital instruments and policies. This one-day seminar will gather scholars, policymakers, and corporate representatives in examining the specificities of the Internet sector and the emergence of "networked civil societies" in China and Russia, and on a broader level the politicization of the Internet in both political and economic terms.

participation only by invitation

For further information, contact 01 40 61 60 48

Location : 27, rue de la Procession, 75015 Paris, Ifri
Organisation : Russia/NIS Center, info.russie.nei@ifri.org Center for Asian Studies pajon@ifri.org

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