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Le projet Building Bridges compare les perspectives nationales sur l’Union européenne. Cette...


Les voix se multiplient en France et à l’étranger pour exprimer la peur d’une contagion en cas de Brexit. Qui serait le prochain à prendre la poudre d’escampette ? Cette lecture ignore la...

Vivien Pertusot is Head of Brussels Office. He coordinates Ifri's research programme "REcalibrate Security in Europe and in the Transatlantic area" (RESET), which focuses on defence policies and defence cooperation in Europe. He is also the coordinator of the project "Building Bridges between National Perspectives on the European Union". 

Its research primarily looks at issues related to the future of the European Union, security and defence policies in Europe and the relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

He previously worked at NATO and Carnegie Europe.

He has a Master's degree in Middle Eastern Politics and History from King's College London and in International Relations from IRIS Sup in Paris. He has also studied for a year at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

His publications have appeared in Le Monde, Le Figaro, European Geostrategy, Atlantico, RUSI, Carnegie Europe and others. He is frequently interviewed by the French and international press.

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France’s current presidential campaign has created an unprecedented situation fuelled by revelations and a total absence of restraint, but it has not truly taken account of the disruptions of the last year: Brexit, the attempted coup in Turkey, the election of Donald Trump, the recapturing of...


What will become of US foreign policy under Donald Trump? A selection of Ifri researchers has come together to offer their thoughts on this question. Our experts cover an array of topics through 14 contributions, ranging from the future Sino-American relations, through US engagement in the...

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By: Vivien PERTUSOT, , in The Global Observatory

The offer of active military support to France in Syria or in the Sahel by several European member states is likely to overshadow the absence of meaningful commitment from others. On balance, the picture will not be too disheartening for supporters of the EU: its foreign and security policy...