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20 Jun 2017

Japan's Revived African Policy L'Afrique en questions, No. 34, 20 June 2017

By organising TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) for the first time in Africa in August 2016, Japan intended to accelerate and deepen its relationship with the continent. 

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31 May 2017

South Africa : internal dissensions within the ANC


How to explain the decline of the ANC during the last election? Why 2017 is a decisive year for the ANC? How to explain the student protests during the past two years?

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22 May 2017

Reforming Ukrainian Defense: No Shortage of Challenges Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 101, Ifri, May 2017

By: Isabelle FACON

Ukraine’s conflict with Russia has highlighted the catastrophic state of Ukraine’s defense apparatus.

01 Jul 2017

Hong Kong, 20 ans years after the retrocession

Alice EKMAN, in "Affaires étrangères" on France Culture
20 years after its retrocession to China, the 1st July 1997, what are the political and institutionnal autonomy guaranties for Hong Kong, while...
24 May 2017

Menace islamiste, loi martiale, ... que se passe-t-il aux Philippines?

Sophie BOISSEAU du ROCHER, interview by Clémence Olivier for Europe 1
Philippines' President wants to limit islamist groups' capacity after several attacks in the South of the country.
22 Apr 2017

From Russia, with love

Russia is trying to “sow chaos” in Europe by betting big on Marine Le Pen and France's far right.  
15 Apr 2017

Populism: In the Heat of the Moment

Thierry de MONTBRIAL, in "Global Agenda", NHK Wolrd
The UK leaving the EU. Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election. The crushing defeat of Italy's prime minister in a national...
29 Mar 2017

Moscow Eyes the French Elections

With just a few weeks left until French voters head to the polls, far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen made her way to Moscow for a...