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31 Jul 2016

The Far Right in the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 95, July 2016

By: Vyacheslav LIKHACHEV

From the very beginning, the armed conflict that broke out in the Donbass in the spring of 2014 drew in right-wing radicals, on the Ukrainian as well as on the Russian side. Organised ultra-nationalist groups and individual activists...

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21 Jul 2016

Trump's Vice President: Attempting to heal the Republican rift

By: Laurence NARDON, Delaine TUBBS

The announcement of Mike Pence as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s running mate on July 15 was decidedly lackluster, if not downright awkward. Far from his normal persona of self-assurance to the point of hubris, Trump seemed...

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12 Jul 2016

Cyber Attacks: A New Threat to the Energy Industry Edito Energie

The Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive has been adopted on July 6th, 2016 by the European Parliament, three years after the initial proposal by the European Commission. It paves the way for a much needed common cyber security...

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06 Jul 2016

War and Democratic Decision Making: Lessons from the Lead Up to Iraq, Libya, and Syria Editoriaux de l'IFRI

By: Shany MOR

What is the proper place and forum for decisions about war and peace in a democracy? There is surprisingly little consensus on this matter, not in theory and not in practice. While in Iraq, Libya and Syria, all Western actions have ended in...

26 Sep 2016

Is Germany becoming just like the other European countries?

Barbara KUNZ, in "Décryptages", Radio Notre Dame , Philippe Delaroche
After the recent electoral setbacks for Angela Merkel which saw the party Alternative for Germany (AfD) enter yet another two regional parliaments...
18 Sep 2016

The elections in Berlin, yet another setback for Merkel ?

Barbara KUNZ, interviewed by Pierre Weill, "L'interview politique" on France Inter
Listen to the interview in...
12 Sep 2016

"Hillary Clinton's health is as much a problem as her credibility"

Laurence NARDON, interviewed by Gilles Sengès in l'Opinion.
For Ifri's U.S. specialist, the Democratic presidential candidate's illness sheds a bright light not only on her health but also on her relationship...
06 Sep 2016

After summer of chaos, Trump can calm our world

Reflecting on the events that shaped the summer of 2016, its easy to be overwhelmed by the many images evoking contradictory emotions. The smiles of...
19 Aug 2016

What's next for Europe after Brexit?

Vivien PERTUSOT, , interviewed by Andrei Zolotov in Russia Direct.
Vivien Pertusot was interviewed after the vote in United Kingdom in June on what the consequences of Brexit are for the future of the European...