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06 Jul 2016

War and Democratic Decision Making: Lessons from the Lead Up to Iraq, Libya, and Syria Editoriaux de l'IFRI


What is the proper place and forum for decisions about war and peace in a democracy? There is surprisingly little consensus on this matter, not in theory and not in practice. While in Iraq, Libya and Syria, all Western actions have ended in...

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15 Jun 2016

Hillary Clinton's Email "Scandal": How Will It Affect the Election?

With the Democratic Presidential Nomination in sight, Hillary Clinton must still contend with a continuous conversation about her email practices. How will this scandal, or non-scandal, affect the presidential race yet to come? A look at the...

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06 Jun 2016

Russia’s Asia Strategy: Bolstering the Eagle’s Eastern Wing Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 94, June 2016


Among Russia’s strategic priorities, Asia traditionally played a secondary role compared to the West. In the mid-1990s, then Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov initiated a rapprochement with China and India. Then, in 2014,...

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25 May 2016

Not Dazzling But Not Invisible : The Ugandan Middle Classes as "Somewhere in Between" L'Afrique en questions n°25, mai 2016


In January 2016, the Kenyan supermarket chain Uchumi has filed bankruptcy for its Ugandan subsidiaries, due to perpetual losses. And they are not alone: companies like Nestlé, Coca Cola or Barclays are slowly pulling...

28 Jul 2016

France wants to feel safe – whatever it takes. But what if it takes...

Opinion column published in "The Globe and Mail"
13 Jul 2016

French Parliamentary Report Cites Widespread Failure To Prevent...

The report on the country's intelligence and security services follows last year's terrorist attacks. It says that each of of the terrorists was...
24 Jun 2016

French business to gain from Brexit, but Frexit menaces

Vivien Pertusot, of the international relations think tank Ifri, said the Franco-British political relationship had never been defined by the...
20 Jun 2016

A week that will define Europe

 In a few days’ time, the populist conservative Boris Johnson may well be on his way to becoming British prime minister. And the radical left Podemos...
15 Jun 2016

Lessons from Orlando

Of the litany of mass shootings in the United States, the attack in Orlando has demanded attention because of its sheer scale.