Jeudi 14 Juin 2018
de 16:00 à 17:15
Débats Conférences

Although the first and foremost domain in the history of warfare, Landpower has long been dissociated from “strategic forces”, as these generally refer to long-range and/or high-yield strike capabilities. This notion however, is now being challenged in the light of recent military engagements and the future operational environment. From the growing contest in air, sea and cyber commons to the renewed need for land-based reassurance and deterrence-related missions, not forgetting the persistent problem of stabilization and unconventional warfare, as well as the integrating challenge of multi-domain operations, time has come, to reassert the strategic value of land forces.

Panelists :

Elie TenenbaumResearch fellow at IFRI's Security Studies Center, coordinator of the Defense Research Unit (LRD)

Lieutenant-General (US) Cavoli, Commanding General of US Army Europe

Lieutenant-General (FR/ RET) Yakovleff, member of the NATO Senior Expert Group (SEG), Senior mentor for the French Ecole de guerre and for the Centre des hautes études militaires (CHEM)

Moderator : Corentin Brustlein, Research fellow, Head of the Security Studies Center, head of the institute’s Deterrence and Proliferation program


This conference will be held in English


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