Research Fellow, Ifri's Sub-Sahara Africa Center 

Research Interests:

  • Urban governance
  • Land policies
  • Kenya, Tanzania, East Africa
  • State formation
  • Policy analysis


Sina Schlimmer is a Research fellow at the French institute of international relations - Ifri's Sub-Sahara Africa Center. She has a genuine interest in the challenges of governing cities and in land issues in East Africa.

After completing her PhD thesis in political science, which focused on large-scale land acquisitions in Tanzania she specialized on urban land markets during a post-doc at Sciences Po Bordeaux. As a consultant at UN-Habitat in Nairobi in Kenya, she developed an expertise in the socio-economic dynamics of rapidly growing cities in Africa. Sina has undertaken several field studies in Benin, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Domaines d'expertise
Afrique subsaharienne