Jeudi 15 Avril 2021
de 12:45 à 14:00
Débats Visioconférences

Meanwhile, variable renewable production will have to ramp up at unprecedented speed, especially in the context of the new climate targets for 2030. And lastly, the use of electricity will expand in the transport and residential sectors alongside for digital applications and hydrogen, with potentially strong implications for demand patterns.

The region is well interconnected and has benefited from the complementarities and overcapacities of national systems to date, but changes on the way will require strong coordination on both foresight exercises and the design of precautionary measures. The objective of this webinar will be to the assess the scale of these interlinked challenges, discuss potential blind spots, and identify steps for future action.

Chair: Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director, Center for Energy & Climate, Ifri

  • Pierre-Laurent Lucille, Chief Economist, Engie 
  • Peter Scheerer, Expert European Affairs, TransnetBW
  • François Dassa, Head of Global Prospective and International Relations, EDF 
  • Vincent Thouvenin, Director European Affairs, RTE
  • Oliver Koch, Head of unit Internal Energy Market, DG Energy, European Commission 

Moderation: Carole Mathieu, Head of EU Energy & Climate Policies, Ifri