Publié le 21/07/2021
A poster of Erdogan in North-Nicosia

Dorothée SCHMID, Yasmina DAHECH

On July 20, 2021, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan celebrated with his Turkish Cypriot counterpart Ersin Tatar the 47th anniversary of the Turkish military intervention in Northern Cyprus. This ceremony marks the strategic reinvestment of the Cypriot file by Turkey.

- Located in the heart of the Levantine basin, in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is a re-emerging geostrategic crossroad, at the confluence of the gas issue and Euro-Turkish tensions.


- Advocating for the final division of the island, Turkey is consolidating its hold on Northern Cyprus by tightening cooperation with the current pro-Turkish administration, and through a series of territorial achievements (on peut mettre faits accomplis en anglais).


- The international community remains relatively passive in the face of this dynamic which illustrates the effectiveness of Turkey's post-Davutoğlu foreign policy.


This briefing is available in French : "La Méthode turque en Méditerranée : l'emprise sur Chypre-Nord" [1]