Mardi 06 Décembre 2022
de 09:30 à 14:00
Débats Conférences
Hors les murs

9.30 – 9.45:  Welcoming addresses


  • Rachid Ouramdane, Chairman & artistic director, Chaillot National Theatre of Dance
  • Isabelle Giordano, Head of BNP Paribas Foundation - Corporate
  • Antoine Sire, Global Head of Company Engagement and Member of BNP Paribas Executive Committee


Video: Matthieu Tardis, Head of the Centre for Migration and Citizenship at IFRI


9.45 – 10.20:  Welcoming refugees from Ukraine: an unprecedented mobilisation of Europeans


  • Damien Carême, Member of the European Parliament and founder of ANVITA
  • Elvira Haxhiu, in charge of welcoming Ukrainian refugees in Tours and member of the Academy for refugee participation
  • Joseph Zimet, Préfet in charge of the reception of Ukrainian refugees in France


10.20 – 10.50: Coffee break


Video: Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees


10.50 – 11.20: Welcoming Refugees from Ukraine: the situation in Poland


  • Rafal Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw
  • Marianna Wartecka, Board member from Fundacja Ocalenie


11.20 – 12.45: Citizen mobilisation for refugees and migrants: an added value for integration?


Presentation of the IFRI study "Citizen Mobilization and Accommodation of Refugees and Migrants: Towards a New Welcoming Model?" carried out by IFRI by Nadine Camp, expert on asylum and migration issues


Debate and questions:

  • Etienne Béchaux, Board member of the welcoming citizen group ACLAAM in Lyon
  • Suzanne de Bellescize, Head of the cultures and society programme, Fondation de France
  • Guillaume Rossignol, director of JRS France
  • Najat Vallaud-Bellkacem, President of France Terre d’Asile
  • Wesam Youssef and Andee Gershenberg, Programme Intercultur’elles, UniR Universités & Réfugié.e.s


Conclusion by Chékéba Hachemi, founder and President of Afghanistan Libre


12.45: Cocktail lunch

Interpretation in English will be available.