Publié le 20/01/2023

Transcript of the Paris Naval Conference 2023 in Global Security

CNO Delivers Remarks at Paris Naval Conference

Below is a transcript of the remarks as delivered:

THOMAS GOMART: Just a quick announcement before starting. If you don't want to practice your French you can use receptors which are with this gentleman over there or at the table, because I will speak French and switch to English for the session.

So, as you certainly know, this conference is the result of a common initiative between the Marine Nationale and the IFRI as part of the partnership that they tied in 2019. So this is the opportunity for me to greet, to thank Admiral Pierre Vandier for his support and trust.

This initiative is the result of a double observation. The first observation is that we noticed a multitude of formats related to maritime and environmental issues since, fundamentally, globalization is maritimization. And we also noted the absence in France of a regular appointment exclusively dedicated to naval issues, so we decided to jointly set up this conference.

And that, obviously, leads me to thank very warmly Admiral Gilday and Admiral Key for their presence today. Thanks to their presence, we are immediately giving an international dimension to our work...


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