Publié le 18/01/2023

Admiral Michael M. GILDAY , Admiral Sir Ben KEY , Admiral Pierre VANDIER

A conference organized by Ifri and the French Navy with British, French and American speakers to reflect on the evolution of naval strategy and the impact of new technologies on navies.

04:59 - Welcome by Thomas GOMART, Director of Ifri
09:13 - Opening remarks by Admiral Pierre VANDIER, Chief of Staff of the French Navy

19:37 - PANEL 1 "Challenges, major priorities and perspectives of the Western navies
- Admiral Michael M. GILDAY, Chief of Naval Operations of the U.S. Navy
- Admiral Sir Ben KEY, First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy
- Admiral Pierre VANDIER, Chief of Staff of the French Navy
- Moderator: Thomas GOMART, Director of Ifri

1:33:05 - PANEL 2 "The evolution of naval strategy in the current geopolitical context

- Kristen GUNNESS, Senior Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation, Washington
- Elie TENENBAUM, Director of the Center for Security Studies, Ifri
- Geoffrey TILL, Professor Emeritus of Maritime Studies at King's College London 
Moderation: Héloïse FAYET, researcher at the Ifri Centre for Security Studies
3:10:24 - PANEL 3 "The impact of new technologies on maritime forces

- Nick CHILDS, senior analyst for naval forces and maritime security, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) London
- Philippe GROS, researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS)
- Alison RUSSELL, Professor of Political Science, Merrimack College
Moderator: Nicolas MAZZUCCHI, Director of Research at the Center for Strategic Studies of the Navy (CESM)

4:21:07 - Concluding remarks by Alice RUFO, Director General of International Relations and Strategy (DGRIS) at the Ministry of the Army