Publié le 21/11/2023
Boca Chica, Texas, États-Unis, 1er juillet 2021, Starship SN15 et SN16 au coucher du soleil


2024 could be a pivotal year for space exploration. New launchers are set to make their first flight, satellite constellations and other trends  promise to redefine the way space is explored and exploited.

The year 2024 promises to be an important one for space exploration, with ambitious programmes and numerous technological developments.

The Moon will remain the focal point for the major powers, the first flight of astronauts around our satellite being scheduled for next year.

Meanwhile, Europe, which has been in severe difficulties as a result of a crisis in the launcher industry, could regain its autonomy in terms of access to space with the first launch of Ariane 6. Other space launchers are scheduled to make their first flights next year, most of them American, reusibility becoming a key feature.

Satellite connectivity constellations could multiply by 2024, boosting the number of objects in space. This population has almost doubled in five years, fuelling fears of chain collisions if international regulations are not adopted soon.