Mardi 16 Septembre 2008
de 10:00 à 12:00
Débats Séminaires et tables rondes
Ifri Paris

How should we manage cases of transborder industrial pollution? The results of the first case study of the Health&Environment programme will be presented during a closed discussion seminar, with Pr. Bernard Barraqué as a discussant (AgroParisTech - ENGREF).

This discussion seminar will be the occasion to discuss the results of the first study of the programme. Through the study of a case of transborder industrial pollution between Romania and Hungary in 2000 (cyanide and heavy metal pollution in one of the Danube"s affluent river), and the review of existing empirical research on the subject of transborder industrial pollution, this study seeks to elucidate the process through which transborder industrial pollution is conceptualised as a security issue by states, and the tools and new governance options through which they address the issue. A prospective analysis of future developments will be provided, as well as policy-oriented recommendations on the management of transborder pollution and of the conflicts that may arise from it.

This is a closed seminar. Attendance is limited and upon registration only.