Mardi 19 Novembre 2013
de 08:00 à 09:30
Débats Séminaires et tables rondes
Ifri Paris

A Seminar with Bård Wormdal, author of the "Satellite War" and Journalist at NRK - Norway's largest media house.

Adaptation to the post-Cold War era has proved remarkable for the relationship between space-based technologies and military activities. The ground installations which support the use of satellites are no exception. Because of the need to locate ground stations on foreign and strategic territories, issues regarding the host government"s role and the value and nature of the data which is transmitted can become a major point of international and domestic contention. As such, they may offer a very concrete way to catch up with the reality of today"s space militarization. Bård Wormdal, author of “The Satellite War” (2012) and journalist at NRK - Norway"s largest media house -, will take the first step in this direction by delivering his view on how Norway"s polar ground installations in the Arctic and Antarctic areas are changing space warfare.