Jeudi 20 Mars 2014
de 11:45 à 13:30
Débats Dîners et déjeuners-débats
Ifri Paris

A luncheon debate with Denis BAUCHARD, Special Adviser for the Middle East at Ifri, and Corentin BRUSTLEIN, Research Fellow at the Centre for Security Studies, Ifri.

The arrival of Hassan Rohani at the presidency of the Iranian islamic Republic was translated on 23 November into the signature of a temporary agreement between Teheran and the P5+1. Its implementation raises numerous issues: what are its goals, and its limits? Can it lead to a more complete solution of the Iranian nuclear issue, or even to a "big Bargain" including the other problems between Iran and the Western powers - support to Hezbollah, hostile attitude towards Israël, threats to human rights, strong support to the Syrian regime? What will be tomorrow the posture of Iran in the area and in its relation with the US and Europe?