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As the fastest growing region in the world, East Asia is an important partner for the European Union, particularly at a time of economic difficulty. Asian countries have weathered the recent financial and economic crisis much better than Europe and much better than initially...


In December 2003, Japan decided to be the second country in the Asia-Pacific to deploy a ballistic missile defense (BMD) system. Started in the 1980s as a defense industry cooperation initiative, BMD efforts have been highly prioritized since the 1998 North Korean missile launch to cope with...

Par : Hiromasa KUBO

Until the 1990s, economic ties between the European Union and Japan were marked largely by an atmosphere of trade tension. The main reason was the persistent trade surplus that Japan maintained. Over time, however, the improvement of the bilateral trade balance and the massive direct...

Par : Daisuke KOTEGAWA

Cette série de notes d'analyse, publiée par l"Ifri et le Canon Institute for Global Studies examine, d"un point de vue japonais, les causes, mécanismes et conséquences de la crise économique mondiale, ainsi que les diverses réponses apportées par les...

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