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18 Oct 2017

Where is the U.S. nuclear arsenal headed?


An interview with Jon WOLFSTHAL, nonresident scholar, Nuclear Policy Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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05 Sep 2017

France's Nuclear Arsenal: What Sort of Renewal? Politique étrangère, Vol. 82, No. 3, Autumn 2017

Over the course of the next few years, France will have to renew its nuclear arsenal to ensure that it remains a credible dissuasion in the eyes of its potential enemies.

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31 Jul 2017

France and Japan in Africa: a Promising Partnership Lettre du Centre Asie, No.71, July 2017

If some African countries are on their way to achieving dynamic economic growth, many are also still struggling with a lack of economic and social infrastructure, latent governance issues and often complex and risky security environments. In...

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31 Jul 2017

Hashtag and Political Resistance Movements in Southern Africa L'Afrique en questions, No. 36, 31 July 2017

By: Hlawulani MKHABELA

What is the political significance of Southern Africa’s “hashtag movements”, socio-political campaigns using social media to disseminate information and to mobilise concerned and previously quiet segments of the public? 

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10 Jul 2017

Three Generations of Jihadism in Iraqi Kurdistan Notes de l'Ifri, July 2017


The aim of this report is to describe and explain how structural changes have affected three generations of jihadists in Iraqi Kurdistan: The Jihadi generation of the 1980s, that of Ansar al-Islam in the 2000s and that of the Kurds of Islamic...

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20 Jul 2017

The Future of British Defense Policy Focus Stratégique, No. 74, Ifri, July 2017

By: Andrew DORMAN

As the prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union raises increasing challenges to its international position, as well as major divisions at home, the future of British defense policy seems more uncertain than ever. 

11 Oct 2017

Russia–Saudi Arabia. King Salman's Visit to Moscow: New Axis or...

Julien NOCETTI, guest of the program "Les Enjeux internationaux" on France Culture
King Salman received at the Kremlin with his 1,000-strong delegation, including 100 businessmen. King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud's official visit...
28 Sep 2017

Abe dissolves Japan Parliament ahead of snap elections

Céline PAJON, quoted by Emily Tamkin in Foreign Policy
On Thursday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dissolved Japan’s parliament, the starting pistol for the snap elections he called a year early to...
27 Sep 2017

Germany Hesitant over Macron’s Vision

Barbara KUNZ, quoted by Jean-Michel Hauteville in Handelsblatt Global
The French president’s speech on ambitious EU reform met politely raised eyebrows in Germany as Berlin struggles to build a new government. Any other...
26 Sep 2017

Trump : enough is enough?

Laurence NARDON, invited in "Du Grain à moudre" on France Culture
The provocative, contemptuous and threatening style of the American president even irritate Republicans. Facing his overflows at the national and...
01 Jul 2017

Hong Kong, 20 ans years after the retrocession

Alice EKMAN, in "Affaires étrangères" on France Culture
20 years after its retrocession to China, the 1st July 1997, what are the political and institutionnal autonomy guaranties for Hong Kong, while...
24 May 2017

Menace islamiste, loi martiale, ... que se passe-t-il aux Philippines?

Sophie BOISSEAU du ROCHER, interview by Clémence Olivier for Europe 1
Philippines' President wants to limit islamist groups' capacity after several attacks in the South of the country.