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Donal Trump and Joe Biden Meet in First Presidential Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - 29 Sep 2020
Donal Trump and Joe Biden Meet in First Presidential Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - 29 Sep 2020

The 2024 Presidential Election: can Donald Trump be reelected? Annual Conference on the United States

With one year to go before the November 2024 presidential election, the American political field seems to be narrowing down to the two 2020 candidates. Despite his ambitious economic policy, many voters consider Joe Biden to be too old. Could Donald Trump be reelected? For its 22nd edition, Ifri's Annual Conference on the United States offers a day of analysis and dialogue on the U.S. economy, the electoral campaign and the role of the United States in the world.




Panel 1 - 9h30-11h : Bidenomics and their effects

With the introduction of bidenomics, the Administration has set in motion the return of the federal government in economic policy, an important break with Reagan's "laissez-faire" economics. How should we assess this new approach, and how is the U.S. economy faring today? Will the renewed anti-trust crusade, another hallmark of bidenomics, bear fruit?​


With the participation of:

  • Eric Chaney, economic advisor to the Institut Montaigne and Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques
  • Emile Gagna, economist at Candriam and lecturer at Paris Dauphine University
  • Stephen L. Dreyfuss, lawyer, partner at Hellring Lindeman Goldstein & Siegal LLP, former President of the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce in New York and of the Union Internationale des Avocats

Moderator : Virginie Robert, head of the international department at Les Echos newspaper


This panel will be conducted in French without translation. 



Panel 2 - 11h30-13h : The unfolding of the 2024 campaign

Both the Democratic and Republican camps are torn apart in the current campaign. How can we assess the chances of each candidate and Party? The panel will also look at two features of this political moment: the effects of small donations on recent election campaigns, and the growing role of Catholics within the Christian Right.​


With the participation of:

  • David Shor, political consultant, director of data science at Blue Rose Research
  • Ray La Raja, professor of political science at University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
  • Blandine Chelini-Pont, professor of contemporary history at the University of Aix-Marseille

Moderator: Anne-Lorraine Bujon, editorial director of Esprit magazine and associate researcher at Ifri


This panel will be conducted in English without translation. 


Panel 3 - 14h30-16h : What role for the United States in the 2024 hotspots?

Between righteous interventions and reluctance to interfere, the American foreign policy debate continues to revolve around the question of the role the United States should play in Ukraine, the Middle East and Taiwan... How does France view these exchanges?​ 


With the participation of:

  • Richard “Rick” Holtzapple, Deputy Chief of Mission - U.S Mission to the NATO
  • Trita Parsi,co-founder and executive vice-president of the Quincy Institute
  • Gérard Araud, French Ambassador to the United States from 2014 to 2019 and former Permanent Representative of France to the UN Security Council.

Moderator: Laurence Nardon, Head of the Americas Program at Ifri

This panel will be conducted in English without translation. 


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