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The Battery Alliance: can the EU avoid technological dependence? Seminar

The European Union (EU) is speeding up the deployment of electric vehicles and integrating large shares of intermittent renewables into its electricity grids. In doing so, the EU hopes to tackle climate change and air pollution concerns, but it cannot neglect the geo-economic shifts that a booming market for electrical batteries can create. Currently, Europe lacks the large-scale manufacturing capacities to serve its own demand uptake for battery cells. To avoid technological dependence, the EU has launched a “battery alliance” and looks to facilitate industrial partnerships.

Building on research from Ifri’s Center for Energy (see the Editorial  "The EU Battery Alliance"), this breakfast roundtable will aim at discussing the outcomes of the EU battery alliance initiative, assessing the potential for large battery factory projects in Europe and globally, and identifying the implications for the energy and automotive industries.

Moderator: Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director, Ifri Centre for Energy


  • Carole Mathieu, Researcher, Ifri Centre for Energy
  • Saïd El Khadraoui, Adviser, European Political Strategy Centre, European Commission
  • Patrick de Metz, Director for Corporate, Environmental and Governmental Affairs, Saft
  • Patrick Bastard, Expert Leader of Electric Powertrain & Battery, Renault
  • Jens Wiese, Head of Performance Improvement and Battery Strategy, Group Strategy Department, Volkswagen

EU Battery Alliance: Renault's views

EU Battery Alliance: Volkswagen's views


Conseil Central de l'Économie - Room 6 - Avenue d'Auderghem 20, 1040 Bruxelles (métro : Schuman)
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Pour plus d'informations sur le débat, veuillez contacter : breux@ifri.org..

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