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Christophe BERTOSSI, Vincent THOUVENIN

Beyond Models of Integration: France, the Netherlands and the Crisis of their National Models

Second closed seminar of the project, organised by Ifri and ASSR (Amsterdam School for Social Science Research) at Ifri with Christophe Bertossi (Ifri), Jan Willem Duyvendak (ASSR, Amsterdam), Peter Scholten (Université de Twente), Nacira Guénif-Souilamas (Université Paris XIII), Sawitri Saharso (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), John Bowen (Washington, University, St-Louis), Frank de Zwart (Université de Leiden), Jocelyne Streiff-Fénart (CNRS), Marcel Maussen (IMES, Université d'Amsterdam).

This conference gathers French and Dutch academics researching integration issues. The objective of this meeting is not to prove the existence of a supposed crisis of integration of populations originating from immigration in both countries. It is rather to analyze the consequences these new discourses about the failure of national models can have on today's integration politicies. Hence, these dominant public discourses about the so-called crisis of national models of integration are seen as the illustration of the emergence of new types of integration policies, increasingly focusing on the ethnicity and religion of migrants and minority groups' members.