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The Cost of Renewable Energy Sources


A roundtable conference with Michel CRUCIANI, Associate Research Fellow to Ifri, Senior Advisor to CGEMP, University Paris-Dauphine, and author of “The Cost of Renewable Energy Sources”, Note de l'Ifri, 2014, Tom HOWES, Deputy Head, Unit A4, Economic Analysis and Financial Instruments, DG Energy, European Commission, Mike WALDRON, Senior Markets Analyst, Renewable Energy Division, IEA.

Chaired by Marie-Claire AOUN, Director of Ifri Energy Center

While Europe and many parts of the world are threatened by a period of economic turmoil, a good understanding of the costs of renewable energy is crucial, especially because renewable energy sources are often seen as a policy option to come out of crisis. We often hear that renewable energy sources have now achieved cost parity with conventional energy. This is a major benefit for project developers, but, what about end-users?  The purpose of this event is to discuss the evolution of costs, direct costs (energy and grid related) but also indirect costs, notably those related to public supports. The debate will also aim at understanding how the traditional utility value chain is evolving, and, to what extent this change is affecting the economy as a whole.

Conseil Central de l’Economie – Room 6 –Avenue d’Auderghem 20, Brussels – Metro: Schuman