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International Relations and Space: The European Approach

International Relations and Space: The European Approach

The annual space conference organized by Ifri and the Secure World Foundation will be held in Brussels on September 13th, 2012.

The purpose of this conference is to review Europe"s current IR policies in space, to identify future challenges and obstacles and to determine some strategic orientations for a coherent European Strategy for International Relations in Space.

The conference will feature three panels, focusing on the thematic scope, the geographical priorities as well as the actors of Europe"s IR strategy in space.

Last but not least, a keynote speaker will elaborate on the rationale of cooperating in space for Europe. Each panel will be followed by a debate with the audience.

8:30 - Registration and coffee

9:00-9:15 - International Relations in Space: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
Christophe VENET, Research Associate to the Space Policy Program, Ifri

9:15-11:00 - Panel 1: Which governance for Europe"s Global Leadership?

The first panel aims at identifying the institutional actors involved in the conception and implementation of Europe"s strategy for IR in space. It will focus in particular on the link between programmatic cooperation and the overall political and strategic context, and on the division of tasks between all the involved actors. A specific focus will also be put on the US, Europe"s major strategic partner.

Moderator: Agnieszka LUKASZCZYK, Brussels Office Director, Secure World Foundation

The EC"s view on a European Strategy for International Relations in space
Patrick CHATARD-MOULIN, Space Policy Unit, DG Enterprise, European Commission

ESA"s international relations strategy
Géraldine NAJA, Head of instutional matters and strategy office, ESA

National strategies for IR in space - the case of Germany
Hans-Joachim KROH, Representative of the Executive Board for EU Space Matters, DLR

Space and the EEAS
Frank ASBECK, Principal adviser for space and security, EEAS

Cooperation in space security between Europe and the US
Frank ROSE, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Space and Defense Policy, US Department of State

11:00-11:30 - Coffee break

11:30-12:45 - Panel 2: Space Cooperation for Europe"s Global Leadership

Europe is committed to responding to global challenges, and seeks to play a global role. Space cooperation programs can help fulfill these objectives. This panel will shed light on thematic aspects of Europe"s space cooperation, focusing on pressing issues such as climate change, space exploration, or space security.

Moderator: Kevin MADDERS, Managing Partner, Systemics Network International

Which role for Europe in the global space exploration strategy?
Vincent SABATHIER, Senior Associate Technology and Public Policy Program, CSIS

Space security: is Europe a credible diplomatic actor?
Kazuto SUZUKI, Visiting Professor, Woodrow Wilson School of International Relations, Princeton University

Space and global environmental stewardship
Jean-Paul MALINGREAU, Scientific Adviser to the DG on Foresight and Anticipation, Joint Research Center

12:45-14:15 - Buffet lunch

14:15-14:45 - Keynote Speech

The rationale of cooperating in space: finding a balance between cooperation, competition and autonomy
Jean-Louis FELLOUS, Executive Director of the Committee on Space Research

14:45-16:15 - Panel 3: The Geographic Priorities of European Space Cooperation

This panel will discuss the geographical scope of Europe"s cooperation policy. The choices to be made in this respect should take into account Europe"s foreign policy priorities, geopolitical evolutions on the global space scene as well as scientific and programmatic interests.

Moderator: Christophe VENET, Research Associate to the Space Policy Program, Ifri

What iit means to be partners in space ?
Peter HULSROJ, Director, ESPI

Which cooperation strategy between ESA and non-ESA European states ?
Maciej STANIAK, Senior Expert, Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Space for Africa: which content for the partnership?
Stefano SCARDA, EU Satellite Navigation Programme Applications, Security, and International Aspects, DG Enterprise and Indsutry, European Commission

Europe as a cooperation partner: an outsider"s view
Rajeswari Pillai RAJAGOPALAN, Researcher, Observer Research Foundation

16:15-16:45 - Conclusion
The way forward: building blocks for a European strategy for international relations in space
Gérard BRACHET, Member of the Board of SWF, Consultant in space policy, Vice-President of the International Astronautical Federation

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