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Ifri Paris
from 17:30 to 19:30
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Iraq since the fall of Mosul: a hyper-fragmented and hyper-contentious area


Conference with Loulouwa AL-RACHID, Middle-East Analyst, returning from a mission in Baghdad for the International Crisis Group. The conference will be held in French.

While Daesh continues to advance in Iraq and Syria, the hypothesis of its long-lasting presence in the region seems to be more likely. The nature and methods of this new actor weaken considerably the Iraqi entity. The de facto "secession" of the Sunni Arab territory and the rise of Shiite militias, reflecting the influence of Iran, now lead to violent confrontations and disrupt the internal balance of power. Can the Iraqi central institutions deal with this chaos? Does the Al-Abadi government have any leeway?

Debate moderated by Dorothée SCHMID, Responsible for the Turkey and Middle-East Program, Ifri



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