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The Role of Azerbaijan in the European Energy Security Strategy

The Role of Azerbaijan in the European Energy Security Strategy

Roundtable with Nathalie Komatitsch, Vice President Azerbaijan, Total SA, Laura Parmigiani, Research Fellow, Center for Energy, Ifri, Elio Ruggeri, Head of International Gas Infrastructures, Edison SpA, Gulmira Rzayeva, Reasearch Fellow, SAM, Konstantin Simonov, Director General, The National Energy Fund, Moscow. Chaired by : Jean-Marie Bockel, Senator, Member of the Energy study group and the France-Caucasus friendship group of the French Senate. Introduction by Gulshan Pashayeva, Deputy Director, SAM Center for Strategic Studies, Eliza Pieter, Director, TEAS, and Maïté Jauréguy-Naudin, Director, Center for Energy, Ifri.

Azerbaijan has been very active in the development of its relations with European companies and in making ties with international partners. With abundant resources, especially fossil fuels, Azerbaijan benefits as well of a geostrategic position. Located at the crossroads of Turkey, Turkmenistan and Russia, Azerbaijan represents an opportunity for Europe to diversify its supplies by giving access to the large reserves of the Caspian region.
What is at stake for the European Energy policy in the Caspian region? What are the levers that Azerbaijan can use and what are its options? What role does the Russian neighbor play in the development of Azerbaijan"s energy strategy? How are companies helping the viability of the energy sector and the development of the large gas resources of this country?
The roundtable will help addressing these questions. A Q&A"s session will follow speakers" presentations and will allow to further developing the topic.

The conference will be held in English and French

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