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Russia and Information Warfare: Aims, Tools and Implications for the West By personal and non-transferable invitation

Keir Giles

This event is dedicated to the Russia/NIS Centre Corporate supports. By personal invitation only.


A round table with Keir Giles, Director, Conflict Studies Research Centre; Associate Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House.


Based on lessons learned from operations in Ukraine, Syria, and now perhaps the United States, Russia’s information capabilities are now described in far more ambitious and alarming terms. These capabilities are being tested on the ground: Russia is undertaking measures in cyber and cognitive domains in order to achieve information dominance over targets so as to facilitate desired strategic outcomes. The West should be aware of the implications.


Chair: Tatiana KASTOUÉVA-JEAN, Head of Ifri’s Russia/NIS Center

Speaker: Julien NOCETTI, Researcher at Ifri's Russia/NEI Center

This seminar will be held in English under the Rule of Chatham House.

This event will be held within the framework of the “Observatoire Russie, Europe orientale et Caucase” with the support of DGRIS (Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy), French Ministry of Defence.



Ifri, Patio hall, 27 rue de la Procession, 75015 PARIS
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For information and registration, please contact Anne SOUIN, Project officer, Russia/NIS Centre souin@ifri.org

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