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South-East Europe: Energy Challenges and the Role of the Energy Community

South-East Europe: Energy Challenges and the Role of the Energy Community

As part of the Ifri Energy Breakfast Roundtable, A seminar with Slavtcho Neykov, Director, Energy Community Secretariat, Vienne, and Stefan Bouzarovski, Research, University of Birmingham.
Discussant : Adélaïde Boodts, Junior Research Fellow, Ifri South-East Europe Program.
Chaired by William C. Ramsay, Senior Fellow and Director of the Ifri Energy Program, and Jacques Lesourne, President of the Scientific Committe of the Ifri Energy Program.

South-East Europe, termed in EU language “The Western Balkans”, is slowly recovering, since the beginning of the Millenium, from fragmentation and the consequences of War. EU policies focus on regional integration, and, in the mid-term, full EU membership.

This Ifri Energy Breakfast, set up jointly with the Ifri South-East Europe Program, addresses the question of energy policies in and towards the region:

- the state of the energy mix, energy efficiency in various countries, as well as security of supply
- energy cooperation among countries of the region, infrastructure, projects
- energy poverty and public policies of the states of the region in order to address inequality
- EU action and specifically the action of the Energy Community, based in Vienna
- foreign direct investment and the presence of foreign energy enterprises, stakeholders
- prospects for the region in terms of energy policies.

Conseil Central de l'Economie, avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée 17-21, 1040 Bruxelles
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