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Tunisia two years later: a model or a counter-model? Les Mensuelles Ifri/Entreprises

Tunisie deux ans après : modèle ou contre-modèle ?

A luncheon debate with Denis BAUCHARD, Special Adviser for the Middle East, Ifri.

Tunisia has been the first arab country to make its revolution. And also the first one to organize legislative elections and to start the process of implementation of democratic institutions. It thus became the laboratory of an arab democracy model, having multiples assets to succeed. At the beginning of year III or the revolution, this process is going through violences and uncertainties. How can this situation be explained? What are the chances of success of the democratic transition? Denis Bauchard, returning from a stay in Tunisia, tries to answer these questions.

Chair: Dominique DAVID, Executive Director, Ifri

With the support of Fondation du Crédit Mutuel

Siège du Crédit Mutuel
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