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Turkey at the Turning Point?

La Turquie au tournant ? (Nouveau sujet)

A luncheon debate with Dorothée SCHMID, research fellow, in charge of the Turkey resaerch program.

On 17 December, a large investigation for fraud and corruption led in Turkey to the dramatic arrest of personalities very close to the government, directly threatening the power of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The affair is seen as the last episode of a secret settling of accounts between AKP and the very powerful confrérie of Fethullah Gülen, that would like to bring the Prime Minister down. Six month after the massive demonstrations of the "Taksim spring", and three months before the local elections, the Turkish democracy is going through difficult times. Internal political instability, diplomatic difficulties, decline of the Turkish lira: can Erdoğan still have the control?

Chair: Dominique DAVID, Executive Director, Ifri


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