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Barbara KUNZ, invited to Sandrine Blanchard's podcast, Deutsche Welle

Germany - between 'welcome culture' and the outbursts of xenophobia

The 3rd of October is a national holiday celebrating German unity since 1990. What has the mass arrival of migrants these past years revealed about German society?


Special podcast dedicated to German Unity Day. What has the arrival of 890 000 migrants in 2015 (figures from the Ministry of Interior, downward trend 2016 )  and their political management as well as reactions to the latter shown concerning today’s German society , 26 years after the reunification. Regional disparities persist. 

Sandrine Blanchard invited four guests to discuss the topic :

Barbara Kunz, research fellow at Cerfa in Paris.

Paul Nkamani, refugee from Cameroun that lives in Brandebourg

Jakob Preuss, producer that made a documentary on Paul and other migrants

Emmanuel Droit, deputy head of the Marc Bloch Centre in Berlin

Listen do the podcast in French.

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