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Laurence NARDON, on "Dimanche et après ?" on France Culture

Obama's new world, what's next? (in French)

Cuba, Iran, Yemen... the White House is fighting on the front lines of multiple diplomatic offensives. In the midst of continuing nuclear negotiations with Iran, Washington has decided to support the Saudi intervention in Yemen while engaging in a new showdown with Iran. The United States won't just sit back with its arms crossed. Incoherent strategy or reestablishing leadership on the international stage? In the final straightaway of Obama's last term, is "Obama the hesitant" looking to rewrite history? And if Hillary Clinton were to succeed him tomorrow, would the former Secretary of State follow in his ideological footsteps? 

Laurence Nardon, head of the United States program at IFRI
Bertrand Badie,  professor at Sciences Po, researcher at Ceri

John R. MacArthur, by telephone from NYC, Director of Harper’s Magazine

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