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Interview - Conférence navale de Paris: The Return Of Naval Combat

An interview with the chiefs of staff of the French, American, and British navies.

- What are the issues at stake in terms of readiness for the French Navy?
- What are the key strategic challenges facing the U.S. Navy?
- In an increasingly complex world, how to the contribution of the Royal Navy?
- How important is the cooperation between the British, American, and French navies?

Organized by the French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) and the Marine Nationale, the 1st edition of the "Conférence Navale de Paris" took place at Ifri last January 18, 2023. A unique occasion to gather experts researchers and the Chiefs of Staff of the French, U.S., and UK navies, to face the hypothesis of a return to naval combat. 

Watch the replay of the conference

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