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Semih IDIZ

Turkey's "French Problem" Note franco-turque, No. 3, May 2010

For several years the French-Turkish bilateral relationship is experiencing a phase of crisis and readjustments.

Turkey's "French Problem"

The traditional model of relationship, marked by an ancient history dating back to diplomatic glorious days of the Ottoman Empire, and locked by the Cold War in the second half of the twentieth century can no longer be maintained regardless of the background mutations that now affect the socio-political systems of both countries.

Semih Idiz gives in this paper a Turkish perspective on the evolution of the relationship and above all describes Franco-Turkish dispute. In this case, we know that the main problem today lies in the official position of France on the European candidacy of Turkey. But beyond this factual issue, the author feels the dawn of a competition for power, Turkey being steadily evolving into a major player on the international stage.

Dorothée Schmid, Head of " Contemporary Turkey" Program at Ifri


Turkey's "French Problem"
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