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The Future of Asymmetry: Terrorism in Perspective Daniel Benjamin, Politique étrangère, 4/2006 (winter).'The West is able to develop technical solutions to protect itself from terrorism. But can we trust in the results of the five last years?'Read full text (pdf -97k)

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The 9/11 attacks began the era of catastrophic terrorism. Since then, terrorism has evolved. New types of jihadists have emerged, due in part to the deteriorating situation in Iraq. Jihadism will almost certainly come to an end, but terrorism itself is probably here to stay. And the ever-broader proliferation of technology will bring smaller and smaller groups to acquire more and more destructive capabilities.Daniel Benjamin joins the International Security Program of the Center for Strategic and International Studies as a Senior Fellow (2001). He has published, with Steven Simon, The Age of Sacred Terror (New York, Random House, 2002) and The Next Attack (New York, Henry Holt/Times Books, 2005).