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CPC's 19th National Congress: A Foreign Policy Perspective ASEAN Focus, Issue 6, November 2017

As the 19th National Congress is now over, questions about foreign policy implications of China’s leadership reshuffle are raised.

Alice Ekman deciphers the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in foreign policy terms.


The promotion to the Politburo of Yang Jiechi, State Councillor supervising foreign policy and former Foreign Minister, is a signifcant move that made him the most powerful foreign affairs official since Qian Qichen, who served as Vice-Premier under President Jiang Zemin. Some observers have analysed the elevation of Yang as a clear sign of President Xi Jinping’s ambitions for China as a rising global power. But this is not new.

Since 2013, Xi has promoted a very proactive foreign policy with the aim to consolidate China’s position as a regional and global leader.

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