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Economic Dimension of Space in: Brünner, Christian/Soucek, Alexander (eds.): Outer Space in Society, Politics and Law. Vienna: SpringerWienNewYork (2011).

Economic Dimension of Space

Space activities can be justified by a broad array of reasons, ranging from trans-utilitarian components (such as curiosity, discovery, knowledge, fascination, inspiration) to more utilitarian aspects (markets, jobs, communications, mobility, pace-setting technologies, among others). Clearly, the economic dimension of space activities belongs to the most utilitarian category, as the development of space applications is increasingly associated with its inherent commercial potential. This article briefly sketches the origins of this economic dynamic in space, referring back to the structural changes induced by the end of the Cold War, before highlighting the specificities of the space economy and the related difficulty in defining it. Finally, it provides an overview of the different space markets, as well as of the main commercial actors in space.