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Major stakes of the electricity sector


This area focuses on the economic and geopolitic transformation of the electricity sector, at French, European and global levels. A specific attention is devoted to the future of the nuclear industry and the strong development of renewable energy sources.


In polarized politics, the voter must take on faith the wisdom inherent in the principled political position. Who cannot be impressed by the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, especially after living through the fallout from Chernobyl? But is it reasonable to send the voter to the booth with...


Europe is seeking ways to decrease the growing negative impact of passenger cars on climate, currently responsible for up to 12% of total EU CO2 emissions. After biofuels in the nineties and hydrogen in 2000, the new answer to climate change appears to be electric. But contrary...


China is looking ahead and thinking electric. The Chinese government recently announced the release of $15 billion in a “Manhattan-style” venture to support electric vehicle (EV) research, standardization and development as part of its five-year plan and to meet its seemingly unattainable...

By: Christian SCHÜLKE

A major change has taken place in the company structure of the European electricity and gas markets. Twenty years ago, national or regional monopolies dominated the markets and there was strictly no competition between utilities. But since the liberalization of EU energy markets began in the...


Electricity interconnections is a prominent issue in the news, sometimes even featured as a panacea for the shortcomings of the European electricity market - a panacea that would ensure energy supply and security and pave the way for a promising use of renewables in the future.


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