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European energy policy


The European energy policy research axis whithin Ifri's Center for Energy & Climate examines the major policy regulatory issues of the European internal and external energy policies, with a focus on the integration of energy markets and the deployment of low-carbon technologies. 

Marc-Antoine EYL-MAZZEGA

Director of Ifri’s Center for Energy & Climate

Diana-Paula GHERASIM

Research Fellow, Center for Energy & Climate


Senior Advisor, Center for Energy & Climate


Associate Research Fellow, Center for Energy & Climate

Thibaud VOÏTA

Associate Research Fellow, Center for Energy & Climate


The Ifri Center for Energy held its annual conference in Brussels on March 4th, 2015. The event gathered more than 150 participants, together with prominent policy makers, industry leaders and distinguished academics to discuss how the European energy policy can deliver effective results in...


The energy transition from a socio-economic system based on fossil fuels to a sustainable low-carbon system is a multi-facetted process. This “transformation” of the energy system, more specifically of the power system, creates several challenges.

By: William C. RAMSAY

-by building dissonance within. Some like to remember fondly the call by Ronald Reagan for Gorbachev “to tear down this wall”. The United States “Won the Cold War” said George Bush Senior in his State of the Union Address. We need to step back and recognize with some humility that the Soviet...

By: Maïté de BONCOURT

The turmoil in Ukraine is now putting one question on everyone mouth: what if Russian gas transiting through Ukraine was cut once again? Today, Ukrainian gas pipelines still carry around 60% of the Russian gas intended for the European Union; i.e. around 16% of the EU final gas consumption.

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