Dimitri MINIC

Research Fellow, Russia / Eurasia Center 

Research Interests:

  • Russian strategic thought

  • Russian armed forces

  • Russian political-strategic culture

  • Threat perceptions

  • Russian political-military elites

Dimitri Minic is a research fellow at the Ifri's Russia/Eurasia Center. He holds a doctorate in History of International Relations from Sorbonne University (2021) and is the author of Russian Strategic Thought and Culture: From the Bypassing of Armed Struggle to the War in Ukraine (Paris, Maison des sciences de l'homme, April 2023), based on his thesis and for which he received the Albert Thibaudet Prize. His research focuses on Russian strategic thinking, the Russian military, and Russian hybrid and high-intensity capabilities. He also works on the strategic culture of Russian political-military elites and the threats' perceptions.


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The Russian army is very critical of its war in Ukraine. Not just of the first phase of the failed special military operation (SVO), which was inspired by the theorization of bypassing, but also of the strategic deterrence phase that preceded it.

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