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Anti-immigrant Politics and Nativism in Europe and in the US

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Western immigration countries are suffused by anti-immigrant discourses based on nativist and populist claims. Over the last years, extreme-right wing parties have won general elections and participated in government coalitions in Austria and Italy, where more restrictive immigration laws were passed and implemented.

If migrants and refugees are the first targets of these new anti-immigrant policies, field actors and NGOs are also directly impacted in their ability to work and provide assistance to migrants. In few instances, they also have become direct targets of policies which criminalize their actions and prevent lawyers and advisors from accessing migrant centers.

This webinar aims to initiate a discussion about the strategies European and US-based field actors have developed in order to cope with these anti-immigrant politics and policies: How can we assess the impact these politics and policies have had on their actions in the field of migrant and refugee assistance and integration? How have these actors responded to this situation and to what extent have they created alliances to meet the challenge?


- Fabienne Keller, Member of the European Parliament, European Parliament

- Gregory Maniatis, Program Director of the International Migration Initiative, Open Society Foundations

Videos of interviews with stakeholders in the US and the EU will be broadcasted to launch discussions with the speakers. With: Els de Graauw, Associate Professor, the City University of New York (CUNY) ; Marta Pardavi, Co-Chair, Hungarian Helsinki Committee ; Vincent Warren, Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights


- Christophe Bertossi, Director of the Center for Migration and Citizenship, IFRI


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